Avenue Hove Review

No Chips Please! Avenue Hove Review

Published On September 1, 2015 | By Ellie Talebian | Food & Drink Reviews

Ellie takes on the No Chips Please! Baton from Helen Mary to bring us a brand new kid’s menu review each month! This month she reviews Avenue Hove.

65 Church Road

I believe that it is important to be honest, so to start this review I have a confession to make. My son can be a little fussy and an occasional ‘Ambience Artist’. Toddlers have the potential to create a certain amount of ambience in restaurants and when they take it upon themselves to change the vibe of the establishment , this immediately separates the family friendly from the ‘pretending to be family friendly’.

For my first review, I chose to go to The Avenue based on Church Road, Hove. Having not visited since it opened, I was keen to see if owner Ben Ranger had taken with him the same ‘gold standard’ of service and food he had so passionately and consistently been able to deliver at Hove Kitchen – my once ‘go to’ place for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a cheeky hot chocolate.

On the morning of the review, we had hit meltdown central, I say we, and I actually mean my three year old son. Not ideal circumstances for our first review but certainly ones that would test the ingenuity of waiting staff.  It is not only very important to me that good quality food and a varied menu are available for children, but that the waiting staff reflect this offering.

On arrival we were greeted by the very lovely Ben, as a father himself Ben is able to put me at ease immediately and brings over a great selection of activities for my son to engage with. Despite the colouring pens, menu and colouring in books available my boy has other things on his mind – THE SUGAR CUBES. EEEek! Ben spots this and removes all visible sugar cubes; I breathe a sigh of relief! Back to colouring in!

Once we are more settled, I order hot chocolate, apple juice, the vegetarian breakfast and my son simply shouts “PANCAKES, PANCAKES, PANCAKES PERRRLEEEEASSSSSSE”.  The pancakes come with maple syrup and bacon. All menu options are available in child friendly portions.

The drinks arrive quickly and the apple juice is soon described as “THE BEST JUICE EVER”.

Before breakfast reached us, my ramekin of butter did, uh oh! “Mummy what is it?” my son asks, but before I could answer he has decided to find out for himself by licking it.

Breakfast arrives before my butter is worn down to a distant memory; it comes extremely well presented and appropriately portioned. Portion sizes can make or break a good breakfast. Too much food can leave you feeling in a need of a nap – not ideal at the start of the day and too little dissatisfied. A good breakfast sets you up for the day floating on air!

My breakfast does not disappoint, delicious toasted sourdough, perfectly cooked hash browns, crispy on the outside and nicely light and soft in the middle, flavoursome sweetcorn fritters, served with tomatoes, baked beans and mushrooms. The standout part of my breakfast had to be the tomatoes; they were absolutely delightful, juicy and full of flavour. My son’s crispy bacon and his pancakes were just dreamy! Light fluffy and sprinkled with icing sugar, they were the perfect treat. In all my pancake munching years, I have not tried pancakes like these! It was decided that the most appropriate way to eat his maple syrup would be from the small jug using his knife. My son’s verdict which he enthusiastically shouted at Ben was: “TASTY! BIG THUMBS UP!”

The standard of the food at The Avenue is mighty high and the service matches, this is a genuinely ‘family friendly’ establishment with a great menu and staff that will go out of their way to make it the best experience possible.

On Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd September The Avenue will be holding pizza making classes for children! The classes sound amazing and include pizza making, pizza box designing, snacks, soft drinks and ice cream all for just £10.00. Check out their Facebook page for more information!


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Brighton born and bred Ellie is passionate about all things creative and musical in the city! Mother of one and student at the University of Brighton, Ellie takes on an active role with children in the community co leading a local Woodcraft Folk Group and running a pre-school creative art club. She also writes as a freelance music journalist for BN1 Magazine and presents Noise Reel on LatestTV, providing a platform for up and coming local musicians.