No Chips Please! The Chilli Pickle Brighton Review

Published On April 28, 2015 | By Helen Mary | Food & Drink Reviews

Helen Mary is on the hunt for great kids’ menus that buck the chicken nugget trend. She’ll be taking her children on a tour of Brighton’s eateries every month to find the best in kids cuisine. This month she tested the kid’s menu at Chilli Pickle Brighton.

17 Jubilee Street

It was with both excitement and apprehension that my daughter and I headed to the Chilli Pickle to review the kids menu. Mostly, because I have already been completely won over by the grown up menu and I was worried the kids menu simply wouldn’t measure up.

The restaurant is completely child friendly with its relaxed atmosphere. It was a busy lunchtime but the service was still swift and the staff where really helpful in explaining the menu. With five different options on the menu there was something for everyone from a more conventional South Indian chicken fry to the Malai chicken & pineapple kebab.

We had water in what my daughter called the ‘princess cups’ and she picked the mild chicken curry kids Thali and I had the kids Dosa. The chicken curry Thali came with rice, riatta, chutney, poppodom and baby naan. Firstly getting a meal with so many different elements made it really interesting visually, the chicken pieces were tender and the sauce had just enough spice. The poppodom was the best bit of course, especially when dipped in the mango chutney. The Dosa was huge and came with a mildly spiced masala potato, dal, mango chutney and a completely divine coconut chutney. I could happily order this as my meal, it would need more chilli for me but the flavours were all very present. The menu states that they have ‘designed a menu where the kids get to taste real Indian food without the chilli kick’ and they certainly have achieved this with the two meals we ate.

There is one dessert on the menu, mango kulfi lollipop with hundreds and thousands or popping candy sprinkle. It would be nice to have another dessert, something without dairy because that would be an issue if I took my son. However, my daughter absolutely loved this, she was not up for sharing but finally let me have a little taste near the end. Being able to dip it in hundreds and thousands was a novelty and really added the fun factor to her dessert.

The meals were beautifully presented, like mini versions of the adult meals which makes the children feel very grown up. All main courses are £5.50 and £2 for dessert which I think is a perfect price for the generous portions. I will definitely be returning with the rest of my family in the future.

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I grew up in London and studied in Brighton many many moons ago but it was only two years ago that I decided to return to this wonderful city, to make it my family home. There may not be sand on our beach but a view of the sea never fails to inspire me. I am rediscovering Brighton but this time as a 'grown up'. My writing has become my passion, along with food and Peach Bellinis.