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No Chips Please! Papa Pitta Brighton Review

Published On June 11, 2015 | By Helen Mary | Food & Drink Reviews

Helen Mary is on the hunt for great kids’ menus that buck the chicken nugget trend. She’ll be taking her children on a tour of Brighton’s eateries every month to find the best in kids cuisine. This month she tested the kid’s menu at Summer pop-up Papa Pitta.

Diplocks Market
73 North Road

I had absolutely no expectations of Papa Pitta and if I’m completely honest, I wasn’t hugely excited about having kebabs for lunch. We took a little wander through Diplocks market and there hiding at the back is Papa Pitta. A little indoor, outdoor oasis from the busy shops. The sun was shining and Cypriot music was playing so it felt like I was transported to Cyprus. We were greeted by the owner Yoddi Papa and I have to say what a huge pleasure that was. A warm and enthusiastic man who came up with an idea to ‘reclaim the kebab and take it to another level, Cypriot Style’. His enthusiasm was contagious and I really hoped the food lived up to his belief.

My daughter was given a bucket of little toys and colouring too so she was a happy little lady. On all the tables there are pictures of Yoddi’s family, cushions on the wooden seats and blankets in case you get cold. It was like the staff, not just Yoddi, were welcoming you into their home, wanting you to feel comfortable.

The menu is small but I think you would struggle to find a child who doesn’t like what is on offer. We started with the dips with wonderful warm chargrilled flatbread which actually probably would have been enough for my daughter. The Houmus and Tahini were delicious and my daughter was very reluctant to share this with me.

Next we both had the Little Papa Pittas which are mini kebabs served with tomato and cucumber in a pitta. You can choose chicken which my daughter had, pork or haluomi which I had. They were well presented and tasted amazing, tender chicken cooked with lots of herbs and served with tzatziki and fresh tomato and cucumber. I had the haluomi with extra chilli sauce which gave it a real kick, it was the perfect lunch for me.

The portion sizes where just right although I did also get to try a few of the other dishes on the menu so I left feeling pretty full. The beetroot, feta and walnut salad was out of this world, a dish I would highly recommend you try and the Sheftalia, the traditional Cypriot sausage was a deliciously juicy, meaty full flavoured sausage. My daughter ended on some blueberry and raspberry ‘Lick’ frozen yogurt which she thought was a real treat.

I really cant recommend Papa Pitta more highly, it is no fuss food at its best, cooked well with fresh ingredients and reasonably priced at around £3.00 for the Little Papa Pittas. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed with highchairs for little ones, and on a warm summers day you will not want to leave. I was told that as the sun sets the fairy lights go on and I can imagine that this makes it all the more magical.

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