The Salt Room Brighton Review

No Chips Please! The Salt Room Brighton Review

Published On July 14, 2015 | By Helen Mary | Food & Drink Reviews

This is my last review before handing over the baton to another mum. Eighteen months ago I pitched the idea to We Love Brighton as I feel passionately about being able to take my children out to eat in places that offer food to children at a standard I would expect for myself. Food cooked well with fresh ingredients that encourages children to be adventurous, not too much to ask…

So, for our last review my two children and I headed to The Salt Room Brighton. I must confess that I have been a few times and while I have not been impressed with every dish I have ordered, I have always had a good overall experience.

106 King’s Road

 It had never occurred to me to bring the children here as I didn’t envisage it being particularly child friendly. I was pleasantly surprised, firstly that they even had a children’s menu and secondly how accommodating the staff were. We were given the kids menu with colouring pencils to colour it in with, which the children happily occupied their time with, while waiting for their meals. I was extremely disappointed on discovering there were only three options on the menu and nothing that sounded particularly adventurous or unique. Although, for £7 kids can have apple or orange juice, a main and dessert which is pretty good value for money.

There was fish & chips, burger, chips & salad and baked mac & cheese with seasonal vegetables. The kids had apple juice, and then my son chose fish & chips.  It was hake perfectly cooked in a deliciously seasoned batter. The chips were crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle and came in a mini saucepan which my son thought was hilarious. It came with peas, a firm favourite vegetable amongst children, you can’t really go wrong. My daughter went for the baked mac & cheese which was one of the best I have ever tasted. It had a rich cheesy sauce which was not greasy at all and was covered in fresh herbs, normally an instant turn off for my daughter but she absolutely loved this. It came with some delicious buttered cabbage which complimented the pasta perfectly. Both meals were meals I would order myself, they were full of flavour and the portion sizes were just right. For dessert there was only vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce & shortbread on the menu but I asked about dairy free options and they had apple, raspberry or piña colada sorbets. The children both went for ice cream and we were told they were all made in-house. We were offered vanilla, chocolate or honeycomb. One child opted for vanilla and one for chocolate, they didn’t come with sauce as mentioned on the menu but they did come with a fresh chocolate biscuit and both children really enjoyed dessert. You could tell the ice cream was homemade, it tasted incredibly creamy.

I would love to see a couple more adventurous options on the menu, especially for dessert and perhaps some hidden vegetables.  But, while I was disappointed in the lack of choice on the menu, what was offered was cooked to perfection and my kids and I would happily return.

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