The North Laine Brewery Tour – Review

Published On December 3, 2013 | By Tom Sayer | Food & Drink Reviews

Monday to Thursday, between 5pm – 9pm
£9.95 including a flight of beer and a full pint

After wetting our palettes at one of Brighton’s many pubs, my friend and I headed down to The North Laine, a previously unexplored pub to the pair of us, to see what the Brewery Tour had to offer.

After entering the pub, a very spacious and old-fashioned in a good way tavern, you cannot help but notice the giant silver containers visible up behind the bar. We discover later that these are the storage tanks where the brewed beer ferments and cools before it is barrelled.

The tour was led by the master brewer Dallas, an informal yet very knowledgeable guide who managed to give the entire talk with a pint in his hand, although with a brewery tour perhaps this is to be expected! He talked through in great detail the process of how the beer is made from scratch. For a layman to brewing, there was a lot of technical talk, which was well-received by the stereotypical slightly older gentlemen who have several decades of ale drinking under their belts, but could possibly throw those unfamiliar with things like fermenting, treatment, malt and yeast.

The tour led us through the cellars and back up to the shiny silver containers upstairs, where you will learn that the Mash Tun is not just the name of a Brighton pub. After the tour you are given either a pint of your selected ale of a flight of 3 1/3 pints to try. With a wide selection available, my friend and I tried 6 different shades of ale, from the surprisingly sweet Black Rock Stout to the citrus infused Amber Sky.

At just shy of a tenner, this is really for those with a real interest in ale or the brewing process and not really for the casual passer-by.

A flight of 3 ales is available for £3.90 if you’d like some help selecting your tipple of choice.

Also check out Drink in Brighton’s profile of Head Brewer Nigel Dallas – Profile of Nigel Dallas.

Note to readers: We would like to point out that you receive a flight of 3 x 1/3 pints and a full pint for the £9.95 fee. 

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