Restaurant Review – Terre à Terre

Published On January 17, 2011 | By We Love Brighton | Food & Drink Reviews

Having never eaten in a vegetarian restaurant before, Terre à Terre was the obvious choice. Growing up with one vegetarian parent and one meat eating one, I’ve always been on the fence about meat; always wanting to give up eating it altogether, but wondering what the hell else I could possibly have instead.

I needed a wake up call about vegetarian food, and if I was going to get it anywhere, it would be at Terre à Terre, voted best restaurant in Brighton & Hove 2010. Comfortably sat in the corner with our bottle of wine I looked around at the contemporary yet colourful interior, the place was welcoming – not at all like the stereotypical view of a vegetarian restaurant. No-one was naked rubbing themselves against tree’s, in fact no one was even visibly wearing long johns under hideous tie dye trousers; any of the stereotypical stigma attached to vegetarian or vegan restaurants was completely eliminated. The menu was surprisingly big – not that I knew what much was, but I was ready to give it a go. After only a couple of seconds of looking at the menu, in which I was already gravitating towards the ‘Rosti Revisited’ (Crispy fried potato, onion and garlic rosti , topped with a soft poached egg and melted cheese, along with other deliciously posh toppings) a very nice, but very pushy waiter slid into view. After establishing this was our first visit he cooed “OH WELL, let me tell you what would be perfect for you girls!” Before we could blink our menus had been snatched from view and we had somehow agreed to Terre à Tapas for two, a side salad and Smokey Scrunch Chips. My friend, looking a bit startled stuttered, “Ummmm ok, but can we please have cheesy chips instead of those…ummm, ones you suggested?” The answer? “No. You can get them anywhere!” I was bewildered. I’ve never been refused the pleasure of ordering in a restaurant before. “Oh…but, but she REALLY likes cheesy chips…” – I was almost pleading, this was completely ridiculous, but his answer remained the same, we weren’t getting them.

Never being one to enjoy being waited on hand and foot, to the point that I very rarely would even ask a shop assistant for a different size in the changing rooms; I was in the middle of unknown territory. I didn’t know how to act – I sat there disappointed, assuming I would hate my meal, wishing there was still a menu around to see what we had ordered, and already planning the cheesy chips from Buddies on the journey home.

When it did come the chips were the some of the best chips I’ve ever had,; he had done us proud and the Tapas was a great call, some things I loved like the something but the tofu, well I’ve never been able to stand tofu, however well it’s cooked. I should have trusted him all along, after all, this is Brighton’s best restaurant 2010; there should never have been a doubt in my mind that I was in good hands.

The only criticism I have was the price – after our meal we were left feeling like we had had an exquisite, but small starter, and considering the price, it would be nice to prove to people that not only can vegetarian food be delicious, but it can also be a lot kinder to the bank balance than meat. But we had eaten in the best restaurant in Brighton 2010, and there was no dispute as to the quality of what we had eaten, so we left happy, although we did check what we had on the menu at the door.

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