Album Of The Week #1 – Momotaro ‘Second Side’

Published On February 13, 2014 | By Tom Sayer | Music & Nightlife Reviews & Previews

Momotaro – Second Side

Brighton-based electronica outfit Momotaro released their debut LP ‘Second Side at their Green Door Store launch earlier this month. The album is sensational! It crosses over many genres with ease, creating their own hybrid style of live acoustic electronica. The beautiful textures created by this three-piece are quite remarkable as they carry on their shoulders the heads of three highly-skilled and creative musicians. The production is of the highest quality, with no signs of anything but professionalism! The most unbelievable thing about this album is that it is their first. Check them out online and go and see them live as soon as you can! You will not be disappointed! Here is my track by track rundown of Second Side:

  1. Dust – Opening the LP with a spacious, slightly oriental sounding track, Dust leads into a smooth slow jam of drum pads and glamorously ghostly vocals. With a hint of Johnny Marr’s guitar line from Hans Zimmer’s Inception score, the track is far-reaching and diverse in influence and seriously chilled out.
  2. Kite – Acoustic guitar led and followed with a spooky vocal sample, the track’s introduction leads to a drop just after a minute when the lead vocals kick in. With moments of Moby, this song has a more dancy and R’n’B feel than the opening track.
  3. Mono – Riff-based Mono sounds like an ambient track from the late 90s/early 00s with vintage synths creating smooth layers of sound which glide over each other like marbles on ice.
  4. Warm Step – Understandably one of the band’s favourite tracks, the song has metamorphosized from its original form, with its pulsing bassline throughout to mirror the lyric “my heart is pulsating”.
  5. Tightrope – Another slow groove with a dub bass, this track feels quite restrained, slowly rising and falling in texture throughout without ever really climaxing. I can imagine that live this song would really explode.
  6. Paper Thin Door – Syncopated, swinging and sexy, this track extrudes cool and screams to be used in the film soundtrack for a Danny Boyle film like Trance.
  7. Blue Soul – The longest track on the album, it is also one of the most expansive, branching out with lush instrumental sections sandwiching the lovely verse lyrics: “time is a flowing river beneath the blue glass tree”.
  8. Lucky Window –Bringing the album to a close the gentle acoustic introduction blends into a cross dub’n’bass fusion which is mellow and sombre yet somehow uplifting, summing up the feel of the LP as a whole.

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