Album of The Week #3 – Jacob Marchington ‘Losing The Faith’

Published On March 6, 2014 | By Tom Sayer | Music & Nightlife Reviews & Previews

After catching Jacob’s set at the famous Druids Head Open Mic Night yesterday, I was instantly impressed with the complex sound created by one man and an acoustic guitar, accompanied by his friend on the cajon. After the recommendation of the host Paul, I checked out more of his music online and boy am I glad that I did!

His album Losing the Faith is diverse, soulful and well produced, showcasing his abilities both as a poetic lyricist and a fantastic guitarist – a deadly and quite frankly unusual combination. His narrative style falls somewhere between Tommy Reilly, The Twang and The Arctic Monkeys.

The album is available to download through Bandcamp as a PAY WHAT YOU CAN so dig deep to support a great upcoming local artist and catch him live if you can. You won’t regret it! Jacob is playing a headline show at The Hope on Tuesday March 25th. Check it out here.


1. To The Sea – Opening like the Public Enemies soundtrack title track with a fast-paced folky riff and the punchy and poignant first lyricAnd cherry blossoms fall inbetween the cracks of my mind, without thought of the lines too hard to define. Take those dreams down to the sea…Instantly captivating.

2. Losing the Faith – Palm-muted guitar, piano and percussion lead the way to a rockabilly riff and an established pop-rock sound. This track really reminds me of James Morrison’s album openerUnder The Influence‘ from his debut back in 2006. Hopefully this is the start of great things!

3. Last Bus Home – Whilst making his difficult folk riffs sound effortless and silky smooth, his bluesy vocals croon about seeking out his lover before the last bus home.

4. Plea Bargain – Heavily reverbed vocals and a dark, almost metal sounding guitar and bass backdrop brutally honest lyrics: “I’m on my knees darlin’, I’m making a plea bargain

5. Set the Girl Free – A light and airy acoustic track with expressive lead guitar riff over the top of the chorus. A definite sing-a-long for the fans.

6. Bearer of Bad News – Megaphone filtered vocals and tambourine make this track reminiscent of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, without the daft lyrics of course!

7. Hollingdean Terrace to Collingwood Close – The host to one of my favourite lyrics from the album: “Money means nothing in the line of all I have to pursue“.

8. Kings – With a strong undercurrent of acoustic funk from the percussion, the track’s instrumental dives into psychadelia in this far-reaching song.

9. Shy Away – This track needs to be used in a film, to cover an emotional montage scene between two young people trying to figure out their love. That is all.

10. Torture – Upbeat, poppy, bluesy and catchy, this song has a lot going for it, with the humourously twisted lyric.. “Revenge is sweet but torture is quite simply divine“.

11. Truth be Told – A definite Frank Turner vibe from his England Keep My Bones album. Jacob’s lyrics suggest a wisdom far beyond his years… “And truth be told yes I’m feeling old and I’m starting to act my age“.

12. Fall Apart – Simple yet effective, succinct yet memorable.

13. Monday Morning – Spacious and floaty, with a vocal melody and smooth mix similar to Fleet Foxes. An accomplishment for any songwriter and producer..

14. The winter – A dirty distorted guitar introduction gives an old blues feeling, which is contrasted by the stripped back verse and harmony-laden chorus. A real musical mix!

15. Cheek to Cheek – Ending quite differently than it began, similar to ‘Shy Away’ in tone, Cheek to Cheek is a subtle melancholic conclusion to a truly impressive album.


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