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Published On November 25, 2013 | By Amy Banks | Music & Nightlife Reviews & Previews

Wednesday November 6th 2013
Brighton Dome

The pint-throwing, feel good festival sense of the summer came flooding back to Brighton as Editors received a fiery welcome from fellow Brighton fans.

Tom Smith stood victorious, silhouetted against a cloud of red light, electricity surging through the crowd as he took a step up onto the piano and began with an almighty version of ‘The Racing Rats’. With handfuls of fans drunkenly scrambling onto shoulders, waving their hands frantically in the air and adoringly throwing shirts across the stage it was obvious the band continue to have a dedicated following despite disappearing from the indie music scene for quite some time.

The band performed several tracks from their most recent album ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ which was released earlier this year. The band have recently taken on two new band members Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams after the sudden departure of guitarist Chris Urbanowicz. In spite of a few palpable changes within the band, Editors have managed to keep alive their traditional raw sounding indie rock anthems.

As the end of the set drew near, Smith gazed out across the stage once or twice, the wicked grin spreading across his face scarcely apparent from the blinding lights that shone out across the stage. The crowd stood mesmerisingly still, swaying two and fro in an idyllic trance on playing the acclaimed ‘Munich’. Fans began to chant in time to the track and a thunderous roar shook the walls of the Brighton Dome.

Editors are set to release a further new single ‘Honesty’ available as of November 25th, the third from their recent album release.


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