Oh Land – Preview

Published On November 12, 2013 | By Tim Smillie | Music & Nightlife Reviews & Previews

The Haunt
6th December 2013

The electro-pop genre is a crowded place nowadays; tucked away somewhere everyone has a synth, a laptop and friend who can write dreamy lyrics that can be slid up to bandcamp at the clickety click of a button. Thankfully, Oh Land (Nanna Øland Fabricius-a proper Danish name, no?) has managed to use a bit more creative nous than the average bedroom electro-hipster. There is plenty of experimenting and variance between tracks, without it sounding as if she is making it up as she is going along (which isn’t always a bad thing anyway). On ‘Wolf & I’, the synths take a back seat and her voice comes beautifully to the fore, whilst ‘Renaissance Girls’ and ‘Sun of A Gun’ are perfectly happy being nothing but strongly constructed pop songs, whereas ‘Love You Better’ is a track of balladic perfection that needs no more than that voice and some gentle acoustic chords. There is also a fair bit of glockenspiel knocking about and who doesn’t like a bit of glockenspiel?

Since having her ballet career cut short by a terribly painful sounding injury (fractured spinal disc), Nanna has released three studio albums, most recently ‘Wishbone’ earlier this year. She’s hitting The Haunt in Brighton on December 6th, it’s sure to be an amazing show featuring a beautiful talent and some live glockenspiel action (hopefully).



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