Salsa Revolution Review

Published On August 22, 2014 | By We Love Brighton | Music & Nightlife Reviews & Previews

The King and Queen – Tuesday & Thursday – 8pm – 10pm (Party from 10pm)
Revolution – Sunday – 8pm – 10pm (Party from 10pm)
£6 / £3 (Students)

I’ve been wanting to try some dance lessons with my Husband for a while but it’s been hard to cajole him into leaving his X Box alone on a week night so the chance to review the regular Salsa lessons run by Salsa Revolution presented the perfect opportunity to convince him!

We headed down to The King and Queen on a Thursday evening and headed upstairs to the function room, we were a little early I think as the room was empty except for our host Dani J, I had my reservations at this point, was anyone else coming? My apprehension was quickly proven unfounded as within half an hour the room was so packed you could hardly move!

We began with some easy steps suited to beginners (like me!) and we were all shimmying away in no time to some sexy salsa beats. We carried on with the steps becoming increasingly complicated but most were still easy to pick up after a little repetition. By this time the room was completely packed out and everyone was in the party mood.

salsarevolution-danceAfter a short break we began some partner work learning a fairly complex routine in about twenty minutes with Dani standing in the middle of a circle of couples to demonstrate the moves. I thought I was an ok dancer until this point as me and my husband were a tangle of arms and legs but soon Dani grabbed me to the middle of the circle and after a few firm instructions I was well on my way!

Now time for another break and a chance to grab some of the much needed water that is provided in jugs around the room! In the breaks to can practice your moves or just watch the seasoned pros put your clunky moves to shame.

Next we are split into two halves, one half to learn Bachata, a form of Salsa but with less complex turn patterns, and one half to learn traditional Salsa. Me and hubby joined the Salsa half to learn some more complicated solo steps, which I must say I failed entirely, and then onto more partner work. This section was probably my favourite of the night, we stand in a circle around our instructor in pairs and learn some partner moves then after a couple of minutes practice we swiftly switch partners to our left and then learn the same moves but with another step. This carries on until you have danced with at least ten people and adapting to how each person dances really helps you to focus on your steps and by the end even I felt like I had improved!

This final lesson marks the end of the formal teaching section and now it’s time to party and everyone can practice what they’ve learnt to some banging Latin beats. And so we leave with aching legs and smiling faces into the night, wondering how we’re going to get to sleep now we’re all fired up on Salsa vibes.

Overall I had a great time and picked up the basics of Salsa in just a couple of hours, it’s a reasonable price especially for students and Dani’s teaching is firm but fair. My only qualm would be that it seems the lessons have gotten too popular to squeeze into the smallish function room above the King and Queen as at times I could not see the teacher and you’re constantly bumping into each other, especially if you have two left feet like me! I feel a bigger room would make the lessons even better.

I would recommend the Salsa Revolution classes to anyone looking for a fun evening out where you can work up a sweat, learn something new and have a lot of fun!

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