Will and the People – Review + Interview with The Thirst

Published On October 8, 2013 | By Tom Sayer | Music & Nightlife Reviews & Previews

Green Door Store
26th September 2013

There is no denying it; Green Door Store is an unusual place! Situated beneath Brighton Station in a location that used to house horses, it is not your typical venue by any means, but inside the old stable you’ll often find there is musical magic lurking inside. Tonight was one of those nights.

The support group were the Brixton-based The Thirst who not only dwarfed the stage with their tall stature but they tore it apart with their great music! They opened the night with a supercharged energy yet a laid back vibe as well. The punchy vocals, supported by the other three backing vocalists, cut through the guitars and the room effortlessly. The drum grooves were simple, tight and infectious. They looked like a grown up band, not a group of skinny-teen indie boys, playing fresh and funky music. The lead vocalist (Mensah Hart) delivered a fantastic vocal performance with a stunning falsetto which came somewhat unexpected to an unfamiliar listener. Their cheeky rocky cover of Daft Punk’s summer anthem Get Lucky went down a treat with the audience who were all singing and dancing along. Their final track showed off a more down-tempo side to them which was just as strong as their comfortable mid-tempo numbers.

Will and the People came onto the stage with an explosive energy which never faded throughout the set (in fact in some places it increased, unbelievably!) They opened with a dynamic rocky number with hard-hitting drums and a cheeky grin on Will’s face the whole time, as if Christmas has come early and he’s gotten everything he wanted just being there on stage. The packed audience responded well to the baggy trousers style breakdowns in the songs, which were well used without typecasting their music within a single genre. They flowed from one style into another very fluidly, not like a wrecking ball working its way through different genres as it could have been.

The band controlled the speed of the audience’s dancing as a conductor controls his orchestra, and the half-time breaks and break-neck instrumentals with their mad energy overtook any inhibitions of the audience who all danced freely without worries of judgement or work the next day. They ended a varied and lengthy set with a fantastic cover of The Pixies ‘Where is my mind?’ which went down a storm and really showed off the vocal abilities of the whole group.

Having interviewed both bands at different points in the night, it was great to see the camaraderie and support that they had for each other, enjoying each other’s sets and socialising together despite their musical styles being so different, they gelled together comfortably and both groups talked about the possibility of collaboration in the future.

Both bands have new albums out early in 2014 so check out their websites for more details below.



Check out our video interview with The Thirst below:

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