BEATS // Plus: Stick It On – Preview

Published On October 22, 2013 | By Amy Holtz | Theatre & Arts Reviews & Previews

The Old Market
22nd – 23rd November 2013
8.30pm (Post show until 12.30am)

Music, for all who’ve experienced an angsty teenagerhood, is often the only outlet for a seemingly tortured, suburban existence – a place to negotiate sex, hormones and rage without actually getting into trouble. But what happens when the government takes away your music? Beats is the storytelling odyssey of one Scottish teenager, Johnno McCreadie, who comes of age through defying the ill-conceived 1994 Criminal Justice Act. Designed to shut down ‘public gatherings around amplified music characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats’ (and any other spontaneous funnery) Johnno’s story delves into the 90’s rave scene, where repetitive beats, fury and rebellion make a heavenly combination.

Written and performed by promising playwright Keiran Hurley, this sell-out Edinburgh Fringe show will be a welcome shot of nostalgia for those whose hearts beat in time to Leftfield and The Chemical (Dust) Brothers. With visuals by Jamie Wardrop and wall-to-wall sound by DJ Hushpuppy, this show provides a useful commentary for ruthlessly examining civil disobedience – and ever present debates around youth culture. If the town of Beaumont in Footloose taught us anything, it’s police at your peril – because kids always find a way to get down.

Beats may also be the perfect show to give you that song and dance you never really grew out of. And, because you always wanted to be a DJ, you can live out your Slipmatt fantasies with the rest of the audience in a post-show ‘Stick It On’, the DJ Democracy where the music is provided by YOU. /
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Check out the trailer below:

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