The Quint Fontana 2014 Comeback Special

Published On March 4, 2014 | By Emily Snowden | Theatre & Arts Reviews & Previews

Upstairs at The Three and Ten
22nd March 2014 at 8pm

Ladies and Gentlemen….the legend is back! Andy Davies’ show was a hit at the Edinburgh Festival so this is a great opportunity to see it now that it has come all the way to Upstairs at the Three and Ten in Brighton to celebrate 30 years in show business. 

Andy Davies‘s creation “Quint Fontana” takes the stage as a satirical lounge singer with a special blend of cheesiness, theatrics and loud shirts.  Think Alan Partridge meets David Brent with all the discomfort, posturing and massive delusions of grandeur. This is a glorious and ridiculous performance of stories, songs and despair as we witness the life story of the once successful pop star  

Backed by his long suffering keyboard player Tony LakesideQuint brings you a show packed with songs, stories, tears, laughter and pathos

And who didn’t fall in love with the soulful crooner he was to become?

And who wasn’t mesmerised by the triumphs, despairs, subsequent improvements followed by catastrophes again which were to mark his career?

And whose heart wasn’t broken when he dramatically quit the scene 10 years ago due to ‘personal demons’? 

Well now he’s back….as we’ve already mentioned!

Backed by the greatest backing group known to Jazz, ‘The Jazz Menagerie’, Quint will be joined by some very special guests so expect tears, laughter, music, more tears, more music from someone else and of course…Quint Fontana 

Does he still have what it takes? One can only hope…. 

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