Review of Wonderful World of Cinema at City College

Published On May 23, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Theatre & Arts Reviews & Previews

We attended the Wonderful World of Cinema (street dance show) at City College Brighton and Hove, where you learn in just two academy years many different dancing styles and for every age group. At the show we attended the dancers age ranged from fifteen to their forties. All of them full of passion for moving at the same pace and rhythm to the music.

The two teachers of the course: Kat and Rosaria introduced us to the show to give us an understanding of the performance ahead and information about all the styles the students learn throughout the course.

We were pleased to be given a brochure which allowed us to follow the spectacle much better and to get to know the background of the dancers.

The way in which the teachers encourage freedom with the students to find their own style was very apparent: giving them the chance to manage the choreography during a Solo dance. One choreography could have more drama and the next student could be Urban dance, but it doesn’t matter because both of them later will dance in a Group Choreography with ease, helping them to learn how to manage the styles.

Two acts, 21 performances, where contrast is the key word: from urban to bollywood, Salsa to LindyHop, Tango to Contemporary.

Kornelia Koszak deserves special mention because in her 1st year as dance student she did an awesome show. Choosing a mix of La Valse the Amelie by Yann Tiersen, Kornelie it left the public render speechless.

Many thanks to City College and all students for such an entertaining evening.

The next performances at City College will be on different themes and will take place on 29th & 30th May: Epsom Downs by Howard Brenton, 6th June: The Trial by Steven Berkoff.

WORDS by Victoria Lezanu

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