Spring has arrived at Artatfive

Published On May 2, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Theatre & Arts Reviews & Previews

A powerful strike of colour to your eyes: that’s WONDERMENT EXHIBITION in a few words. Artatfive celebrates spring showcasing the work of the following artists: Marie Mills, Deborah Flueler-Jones and Yvonne Coomber. We were kindly invited to attend the private view last Friday evening, where we found a range of different techniques to capture the beauty of the awakening season.

Artatfive offers a diverse selection of paintings from a huge variety of national and international artists. They make choosing a piece of art cheerful and satisfying in a friendly and informal environment.

Deborah Flueler-Jones plays with the paintings letting her energy flow into them, creating outstandingly superb pieces of art. From a pale shade of colour to others closer to black, we could say Deborah creates the day and night skies of this season.

The closer you are to a Marie Mills picture the better you’d appreciate drops of tint, making realistic awaken flowers. It doesn’t matter if it’s windy outside, in front of a Marie Mills painting you would feel warm.

Last but not at least, Yvoone Coomber illustrations are a pleasant and charming expression for the senses. “Bloom” in all its meaning because it doesn’t mean just flowers, but youthful beauty too.

From 27th April to 12th May head down to this fine art gallery situated in the heart of the lanes and enjoy this inspiring collection of paintings that captures the beauty and transience of the awakening season.

Words by Victoria Lezaun

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