Synchro: The Final Frontier 10th May

Published On April 17, 2014 | By Celia Mullins | Theatre & Arts Reviews & Previews

Prince Regent Swimming Pool, Jubilee Square
10 May, 8pm

Captain Kirk meets Flash Gordon!

To boldly go where no other swimmers have been! Brighton’s Synchro swimmers swim in outer space (well a watery space actually) for their 6th annual synchronized swimming show performed only during the Brighton Fringe Festival: “Synchro: The Final Frontier.” There will be a constellation of stellar stars from the galaxy and beyond, from Captain Kirk to Flash Gordon, from Princess Leia to Dr Who.

 The show is performed in front of a capacity audience of around 250. “Our audience is so appreciative, it’s wonderful.” says Executive Producer, Liz Fitzsimons. “This year will be our largest show so far with 80 swimmers taking part from age 7 to 70. In the water will be beginners, swimmers with a few years experience and World Masters medalists plus we’ll be joined by a special team that only performs during the Fringe.”

Previous shows performed by the synchro swimmers of Brighton: Eau Eau 7, Lights Water Action, A Swim Through Time, Brighton Rocks, Sync or Swim.
Liz , says “Each year, as soon as we finish a show, we ask the swimmers if they want to do it again next year. For six years running the answer has been a huge ‘Yes!’” And so planning the next year’s show starts almost before the swimmers have dried off after their performance. This years theme is about as ambitious and exciting as they come: “Outer Space”

The show is created jointly by Brighton Swimming Club and Brighton Dolphin Synchro. The success of the shows has meant the number of synchro swimmers in Brighton has increased three fold over recent years. “Brighton has a waiting list and my Club, Brighton Dolphin, may need to start a waiting list this year as well. We’re so pleased with the interest the show generates for synchro.”

Join Brighton’s synchro swimmers on the 10th May for an out of this world aquatic experience!

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