Washed Out – Preview

Published On September 20, 2013 | By Tim Smillie | Reviews

Washed Out
Concorde 2
23rd October
7.30pm – 11pm

Ernest Greene tried to live the dream and become a librarian. Thankfully there was a death of book themed careers at this time in his native Georgia, so he went back to his bedroom and started making music. As Washed Out he first released music in 2009 in the form of a triumvirate of EPs, followed in 2011 and 2013 by a long player in each year.

So there’s the background; what about the tunes? It’s dancy hip-pop-hop but not as we know it. Instead of the ultra tight production that makes listening to a lot of dance music an artificial experience, the Washed Out sound is slathered with a burr of electronic honey glaze that allows the beats to enter your ears peacefully and your head to nod oh so gently. Music geeks will be saying ‘hey, he didn’t even say ‘chillwave’ yet!’. True but I am not a fan of the fantastically drilled down sub-genre;also Washed Out holds hands with a plethora of influences from eighties synth pop through to the occasional foray into lo-fi Latin (he says, creating his own redundant sub-genre).

The new LP, Paracosm (2013) is a bigger sound, using more of real-life musicians than previous releases, whilst keeping the feel of young man in bedroom making tunes for his own amusement vibe.


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