Brighton Tattoo Convention 2013

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Last week saw the return of the 6th Brighton Tattoo Convention and this year it snatched up the Hilton Metropole as its hosting venue. This years convention involved over 300 international artists, a welcome party, trade stalls, tattoo supplies and live entertainment. No wonder it was packed with far travelled tattoo enthusiasts!

This years Brighton Tattoo Convention took place over the 16th and 17th of February and was held entirely at the Hilton hotel; pre/after show parties included. It promised to be bigger than ever and after experiencing the constant sound of the tattoo drills and witnessing tattoos on every possible body part; we agree, tattoo fan or not, it is worth the visit.

People had travelled from all over the UK to experience the one-off opportunity to have some creative work done by their favorite artists. Although tattoos are pricey, this is the only occasion where the artists come to you, so you should take the opportunity experience the yearly event! With over 300 artists advertising their creative talent, we were intrigued to see the variety of artistic styles which were available. Many of the stalls were crowded with people watching, some more than others.

Our personal favorite was the popular Andy Cryztalz, who had many people watching him complete his intricate styled tattoo on a ladies leg. Andy is a professional tattooist with 7 years experience that specialises in dot-work, blackwork and geometric styles. He is currently working at Modern Body Art in Birmingham. The closely gathered crowd around his stall proved the popularity and interest for his complex technique.

Brighton Tattoo Convention

As expected, every tattoo artist differed from one another so there was plenty of choice to find your desired design style. In contrast to Andy Cryztalz, Glenn Symonds from Cherry Blossom Tattoo Studio adopts Japanese block images of colored flowers and beautiful women. The business was started by Lee Symonds in 1985, the Cherry Blossom Tattoo Studio is a family run studio on the Essex Coast.

Now it wouldn’t be fair to not mention a Brighton based tattoo salon, so we picked out our favourite: The Tattoo Workshop located at 42a Providence Place. They have recently celebrated their 1st Birthday and appear to have had an extremely successful year. Although they don’t have a distinctive style, the workshop artists Stewart Francis, Jed Harwood, Kate Mackay-Gill and Gary Burns provide a wide range of tattoo styles to suit every customer.

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo and can wait until Brighton’s next tattoo convention then hold off until next year and you’ll have the choice of over 300 of the best international artists. We promise it will be worth the wait!

WORDS by Bethany Potter

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