Iydea 2 opens Western Road Branch

Published On October 2, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Archive

The Brighton bedrock of great veggie creations that is Iydea has opened a new cafe on Western Road serving a large selection of freshly prepared hot and cold meals served in seconds so you can make the most of your lunchtime.  All their food is freshly made from natural raw ingredients and served in the most environmentally friendly packaging available.

The main reason for opening a new store is a lack of evening trade in the original Kensington Gardens location as well as a lack of space, founder Steve Billam explains:

“We wanted to do evenings, as it is the most requested thing we are asked. Kensington Gardens is so dead at night, we needed another location. Also our kitchen in the other branch is so small – we wanted to give our kitchen staff some room. We never guessed how busy the Kensington Gardens cafe would get, so this is easing working conditions.”

The original store has proved a great success  and has named best cafe in the Brighton And Hove Foodie Awards as well as winning the Vegetarian Society’s National Best Eating Out Award.

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