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Best Live Music in Brighton: July 2015

Published On June 26, 2015 | By Brighton Noise | Best of Brighton, Homepage, Music & Nightlife Features

Brighton is so great for live music it’s sometimes near impossible to pick what to see! Gig experts Brighton Noise have made it a bit easier for our readers by picking their top live music in Brighton this July with everything from ferocious hip-hop to charming indiepop.

Live Music in BrightonThe Smittens – Hope & Ruin

What on earth could a band called ‘The Smittens’ sound like? Let’s not even bother, they’re blatant charming ra-ra indiepop! They are from Vermont, and as you all know, Americans are rather good at indiepop, having just the right mix of coyness and bravado to carry it off. Genuinely, they are only in it for a laugh, what better reason to be in a band that that? Support from equally lovely Londoners Owl & Mouse, Brighton legitimate heroes King of Cats, and Moscow Centre: a new project by members of perhaps more legitimate Brighton heroes Slum of Legs.

Date: Sat 4th July
Time/Price: 7.30 pm | £5 adv

Live Music in BrightonWilliam D Drake – Komedia

An  important part of that cult outfit behind ultra-cult prog punks Cardiacs was William D. Drake, who from 1983- 1992 played keyboards and shared some songwriting with such distinction that on leaving he could never be suitably replaced After their sad break, courtesy of Smith’s ill health, the pianist kept himself occupied in a variety of projects before taking the decision in 2001 to go solo. Last album, The Rising of The Lights was his best solo work to date, Drake producing remarkably accessible stuff, as English as cream tea, melodic yet eccentric. 2015 will see the release of his new record Revere Reach and this show serves as an album launcher for that.

Date: Sun 5th July
Time/Price: 7.30 pm | £7 adv

Live Music in Brighton FemrockGreen Door Store

Femrock have an agenda, a very serious and important agenda, that is rock! Specifically on the itinerary this month is Londoner’s Colour Me Wednesday – the punkier end of indiepop. Therefore crackling guitars and immense hooks. Like a big smothering hug! Brighton’s ARXX are tricky to pinpoint. Almost gospel-esque melodies but undoubtedly blazing garage rock. As good as that sounds! Continuing the theme of mixing brash with beautiful Alex K P hunkers down with some soul-wrenching singer-songwriting. Local superhero Alice Denny will be reading out some of her poems too. It’s a fundraiser for Trans Pride Brighton so there’s no excuse!

Date: Wed 8th July
Time/Price: 7.00 pm | £5

Live Music in BrightonBrighton Noise Presents…Day Two Bleach

A full-day of some of the swankiest bands in Brighton, presented by Brighton Noise. Here’s the plan: have a bunch of bands we like and that you should too (if you don’t already), throw genre out the window, leave pretentions at the door, and have a right laugh. The good news is it’s slap-bang in the middle of summer and slap-bang at the top of the now infamous ‘new Shoreditch (of course). Just so you know, they do amazing/cheap Mexican nourishment downstairs. Line up includes: Sealings, Hypnotized, Eva Bowan, Japanese Sweets, John Crampton, Ottermatic, and Dog In The Snow.

Date: Sat 11th July
Time/Price: 2.00 pm | £5

Live Music in BrightonCannibal Ox The Haunt

After fourteen years Cannibal Ox finally release their follow up to naughties defining album The Cold Vein. Its gestation period was worth it though, a contender for hip-hop album of the yearBlade of The Ronin is all industrial strength noise, nineties vinyl dust, peculiar world flavours, and some truly sedative fuelled drawls of a long prescription. Sedative enough you have to wonder how feral they’d be without it? Rarely can hip-hop be described as ferocious but this will be absolutely paint-stripping, we guarantee it.

Date: Tue 14th July
Time/Price: 7.00 pm | £12.50

Live Music in BrightonAnton Newcombe & Tess ParksThe Haunt

Is Anton Newcombe ‘in’ at the moment? If he’s not he should be, though modern psych outfits like Tame Impala or Black Lips, may not mindlessly ape Newcombe’s seminal  60’s revivalists The Brian Jonestown Massacre in the same way as some of the rock bands of the 2000’s did. His starring role in rockumentary ‘Dig’ was devisive, Newcombe’s erratic  behaviour showing him to be equal parts genius and asshole, though it appears now that age and sobriety have filed down some of his rough edges .  His combination with Tess Parks, her sultry voice, perfectly suited to Newcombe’s vibes.

Date: Sun 19th July
Time/Price: 7.00pm | £13

Live Music in BrightonMicachu & The ShapesGreen Door Store

In a world where people weren’t afraid of a little bit of challenge musically, Mica Levi would be queen. Around in this guise since 2006, 2009’s Jewellery was released by Rough Trade but had more in common with Scritti Politti or The Fall’ lo-fi experimental post-punk than The Libertines, The Smiths  or any of the label’s mega success stories. Second album ‘Never’ was an unconventional record; ugly sounding but full of remarkably catchy pop gems. In between times, Levi has worked with the London Sinfonietta and received global recognition for the ‘Under the Skin,’ OST

Date: Mon 20th July
Time/Price: 7.30 pm | £8

Live Music in BrightonSugarhill Gang Concorde 2

If you didn’t catch Sugarhill Gang first time around why not? Well, you’d be in your sixth decade now to remember classic ‘Rappers Delight’ coming out but hey, it’s been playing somewhere in the background ever since, it’s that good. You’d have to live in an isolation tank or vote UKIP to not notice that hip-hop is EVERYWHERE. Well, you can thank Sugarhill Gang for that, you’re welcome. The icing on the cake: Melle Mel & Scorpio (ex-Grand Master Flash) are supporting! Pretty much all the turn of the eighties hip-hop action that exists all under one roof. Enter our competition to win 2 VIP tickets here until July 20th.

Date: Thu 30th July
Time/Price: 7.00 pm | £18.50

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