Top 10 Brighton Gigs April 2016

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Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made the impossible task of choosing gigs in Brighton a bit easier for our readers by picking their 9 best Brighton gigs April 2016!

Brighton gigs april 2016Sealings @ Prince Albert

2015 finally saw the release of Sealings’ long-awaited debut album, ‘I’m a Bastard’. First seen in Brighton around 2008/09 playing white noiseouts with an iPOD for a drummer, they continued their iconoclasm through a series of increasing ferocious demos and 12” releases that attracted both national and local attention.  I’m a Bastard surpassed all expectations thanks in part to their most professional recording job to date and a previously unseen range of song writing – encompassing aggro-drone (‘My Boyfriend’s Dead’), noisy punk (‘White Devil’), gorgeous ambient (‘Transient Curse’), raging guitar noisescapes (‘Malloy’) and the title track’s haunting, witchy atmosphere.

Date/ Time: Fri 1st Apr/ 8.00 p.m
Price: £4.00 adv

Brighton gigs april 2016Heather Leigh and Peter Brötzmann @ West Hill Hall, Brighton

There’s a school of thought that says improvisation is the pinnacle of musicianship but the reality is sometimes a little more hit and miss than that. It’s a relief that we can stake what’s left of our reputation on this marriage of the electric pedal steel talent of Heather Leigh, who released the Wire approved ‘I Abused Animal’ album last year and German saxophonist Peter Brötzmann, who is widely regarded as one of the finest free jazz musicians Europe has ever produced. It’s at a stage well beyond unmissable and highly unlikely to occur in BN1 again.

Date / Time: Sat 2nd Apr 2016 / 7:30 PM
Price: £16.50

Brighton gigs april 2016Kollaps @ Al Duomo

To the best of our knowledge Kollaps is the only industrial/EBM/coldwave/techno/goth (delete as applicable) club in Brighton. One for all the queer-friendly dark side fetish heads. So you better get it while it’s cold kids. Kollaps is moving to the wholly appropriate subterranean dungeon that is the basement of Al Duomo. While the twats of Saturday night North Street are getting arrested, those In the know will be indulging in the dark pleasures offered by this clandestine little room. The dress code is wasteness and the music policy is chemical. You know you love it.

Date/ Time: Sat 2nd Apr/ 10.00 p.m
Price: £4.00

Brighton gigs april 2016Pharcyde @ Concorde 2

We are very fond of nineties hip-hop at Brighton Noise. It all seemed a bit more harmless then. Just a bit of party and a bit of bullshit. It wasn’t of course, if you total up the era’s body count it got pretty nasty. But that isn’t what The Pharcyde is about. They skipped the bullshit and headed straight for the party. Not to say they aren’t blatant geniuses. You need a brain to concoct those ridiculous stories. And they are cultured too, they owe as much to jazz as they ever did to funk. And cultured they still are.

Date/ Time: Sun 3rd Apr/ 7.30 p.m
Price: £16.50 adv

Brighton gigs april 2016The Necks and James McVinnie: The Secret Life of Organs @ The Meeting House, University of Sussex

It’s should be enough of an honour to have globally renowned, cult, minimal jazz trio The Necks in town again, after a break of nearly a decade as they hit the country to play the Stewart Lee curated All Tomorrow’s Party in Prestatyn, however, this one is more special than that. It’s a collaboration with ex-assistant organist at Westminster Abbey, James McVinnie playing a specially commissioned score by Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher.) Oh and one of the two 50 minute works is going to include two Phillip Glass organ pieces. No, seriously, we’re not pulling your leg.

Date /Time: Fri 8th April / 19:30 until 21:30
Price: £13 – £15

Brighton gigs april 2016USA Nails @ Green Door Store

This writer saw USA Nails support McLusky late last year. That they had that coveted slot at all is all the evidence you need to persuade you to come. And of course they are fantastic. They are part of that tradition of the noisy end of nineties alt-rock. Like Nirvana without the acoustics, or Sonic Youth before the songs. And of course support comes from rising Brighton idols Lower Slaughter (slower laughter???). Really, if you want some guttural depravity you could do a lot worse. And then form your own band: more of this please all the time!

Date/ Time: Sat 9th Apr/ 7.00 p.m
Price: £6.00 adv

Brighton gigs april 2016Andy Stott @ Patterns

In an early contender for worst clash of 2016, the best band in the world that you can see in a small venue for a tenner, The Ex, take on the winner of Resident Advisor and this writer’s album of the year 2014, Andy Stott. On the 13th as well, unlucky for some. We’re plumping for Stott as he’s a less frequent visitor but there’s no losers here. A veteran producer of dub and techno, Stott’s has managed to pull the trick of becoming both more experimental and accessible during his time on the Modern Love label by fusing the two genres, in his dark, foreboding productions.

Date/ Time: Wed 13th Apr/ 8.00 p.m
Price: £12.50 adv

Brighton gigs april 2016Grandma! The Musical @ The Dukebox (Iron Duke)

We are going to do something a little different here… feature some, oh my god what? Musical theatre?!?!?! Bubbling away in a grimy kitchen somewhere, probably, has been the uranium enriching Grandma – The Musical. A bizarre duo, to put it lightly, they challenge the very essence of common sense and throw language like fireworks. No logic is sound, no safety guaranteed. The box won’t be thought in and the horse has already bolted. That’s not to say there won’t be laughs. They aren’t sadists, but you’d be a masochist to not want a piece.

Date/ Time: Sat 16th Apr/ 7.30 p.m
Price: £5.00 adv

Brighton gigs april 2016KRAK KRAK @ Prince Albert

Ok, so we are biased here but come on, line-up of the year? KRAK KRAK are madness personified. Fuck off noise rock with mechanised cult deprograming riffs. The clue is in the name. Broker are all the wonderful things you associate with the power trio. Namely POWER, zero flab, indoctrinated tightness, laser focus. Mister Lizard, mark our words, will become this city’s heir apparent to Converge one day. Gonzo mentalist vocalist, ten riffs per second, and a preternatural control of noise! With all the bullshit you have to put up with in the world you can’t afford not to come.

Date/ Time: Sun 24th Apr/ 7.30 p.m
Price: £5.00 adv

Brighton gigs april 2016GNOD @ The Green Door Store

We bigged up GNOD in this column ahead of their show at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar last year and rightly so as the people we spoke to about it have confirmed. Unfortunately, Brighton Noise got a little too excited before the arrival of one of the world’s great psychedelic bands, attempting to consume alcohol equal to our bodyweight, returning home at 3 a.m., ‘tired and emotional,’ shirtless and with no memory of GNOD playing outside of a note of journalistic vigour on our phone that read – ‘Very Loud. Amazing. My mind is melting.’ We can’t promise anything though…..

Date/ Time: Thursday 28th Apr/ 7.30 p.m
Price: £8.00 adv




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