Top 10 Brighton Gigs December 2015

Published On November 30, 2015 | By Brighton Noise | Music & Nightlife Features

Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made the impossible task of choosing gigs in Brighton a bit easier for our readers by picking their best Brighton gigs December 2015 with Mercury Prize winners, naughty electronica, hard rock and everything else besides!

brighton gigs december 2015Braids @ The Green Door Store

Braids are practically begging to become more than a cult concern and certainly deserve greater attention. Their beautiful first album ‘Native Speaker’ may have been a little bit of a dream pop genre exercise but it was good enough to make the shortlist of 10 for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize, Canada’s version of The Mercury. 2013’s Flourish//Perish was a brave and dense album of vocally led progressive electronica. This year’s ‘Deep In The Iris’ is a hit filled combination of the two different sides, complete with ‘Miniskirt’ a feminist anthem to rival the best of them.

Date/Time: Tues 1 December/ 7.00pm

Price: £9 adv

brighton gigs december 2015Emperors of Ice Cream/ Nice Guys of Ok Cupid/ Will Rene @ Marwoods

Just because a band doesn’t look like it takes itself ultra-seriously from the outside doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Emperors of Ice Cream, for whom this gig serves as a single release party, are one of the most fun bands Brighton has to offer. Joy positively, beams out of them when they play. Yet, stylistically, their range takes in ragged punk rock and epic melodic indie as well as everything in between. Will Rene offers an intelligent and witty singer-songwriter’s take on life (including a number about a Hove restaurant) and as for The Nice Guys of Ok Cupid, their take on Pavement/ Weezer is as interesting as their name.

Date/ Time: Weds 2 December/ 8.00pm

Price: Free/ Donations

brighton gigs december 2015Benjamin Clementine @ St. George’s Church

If this hasn’t sold out already we would heartily recommend getting a ticket right now! Fresh from his surprise Mercury Music Award win Benjamin Clementine is going to be on fire! Winning the Mercury can have a strange effect on an artist but Clementine exudes the staying power of someone who will use it as a springboard to greater things rather than just enjoy a moment in the limelight, such is the power and elegance of his soulful compositions. His live performances are a thing of uplifting beauty, and where better to capture such a transcendent performance than St. George’s Church.

Date/ Time: Thurs 3 December/7.00 pm

Price: £18.50 adv

brighton gigs december 2015Peaches @ Concorde 2

When ‘F*ck the Pain Away’ was absolutely everywhere in the early noughties there was a real fear that Peaches would fizzle away just as quickly. Well she wasn’t a gimmick she was real! And how lucky we are that she didn’t. But why would she? There will always be a place in the universe for sexy taut intelligent electronica. Check out this year’s incredible single ‘Close Up’ featuring the top of alt-rock royalty Kim Gordon. It’s sneaky heavy and relentless and guaranteed to get a room sweaty and dancing. And she has absolutely loads more where that came from.

Date/ Time: Fri 4 December/7.30 pm

Price: £16.00 adv

brighton gigs december 2015AK/DK @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

If there is one indisputable fact in the universe is that AK/DK are absolutely amazing live. If you want a band that will get absolutely everyone dancing it’s them. In fact, on one occasion at Green Door Store they got everyone not even in the main room dancing! Whether your into indie, house or funk it doesn’t matter, the improbably intense build-ups of the pair will get you. Such is the ferocious groove of their dueling drums/massive synths attack. Support comes from the equally inflicted by drums and enormous synths Soccer 96 and electronica boffin and prodigious remixer Richard Norris.

Date/ Time: Fri 4 December/11.00 pm

Price: £5.00

brighton gigs december 2015The Wytches @ The Haunt

Ah yes, The Wytches, didn’t they do well? That was a forgone conclusion though. The Brighton conquerors pretty much came into being as a fully formed incredible live band. Their combination of dense grungey rock and spooky spy themes was never going to be ignorable. Still riding the crest of last year’s magnificent and critically lauded album Annabel Dream Reader this show is guaranteed to rocketh. Let’s hope we get another album in 2016! Support from the stadium-grade chorused indie rockers Black Honey and the marvellously grimy local post-punkers Morning Smoke.

Date/ Time: Sat 5 December/7.00 pm

Price: £10.00

brighton gigs december 2015Our Girl/ Abattoir Blues/ Thundernauts @ The Green Door Store

Featuring members of Hella Better Dancer and Birdskulls and after a brief period spent as Soph Nathan Band, Our Girl dropped jaws at the tail end of last year, releasing a gem of a self-titled song on their soundcloud. It was a remarkably snappy, accomplished and exciting start. It sounds like the sort of thing Slowdive should be doing when they inevitably get round to recording. Clearly focusing on quality rather than quantity, their second single emerged a couple of weeks ago and repeated the dose. Wonderfully accomplished shoegazy, indie rock with a strong sultry vocal, not unlike The Duke Spirit at their best.

Date/ Time: Weds 9 December/7.00 pm

Price: Free

brighton gigs december 2015British Sea Power, Krankenhaus Night @ The Haunt

British Sea Power’s Haunt hosted, Krankenhaus, Christmas parties are literally the thing of Brighton legend. ‘Krankenhaus’ was originally used as a series of small monthly gigs with expertly picked support (Savages supported the very first one) to road test new material as well as play a host of old favourites. Nowadays it tends to be an ad-hoc, once a year affair, so get in whilst you can. The chance to see a band of British Sea Power’s brilliance, at close quarters and after a year which has seen them celebrate the 12 year anniversary of their classic debut album ‘The Decline of British Sea Power, ’ with a gig at London’s Roundhouse is not one to be passed up.

Date/ Time: Thurs 17 December/7.00 pm

Price: £14.00

brighton gigs december 2015The Membranes @ Hope & Ruin

There is an old adage that goes: punks don’t die, they just get old. Well… what’s wrong with getting old? Let’s be clear though, The Membranes are a lot more interesting than an aging circuit punk band. A listen to last year’s brilliant single ‘The Universe Explodes Into A Brilliant Protons Of Pure White Light’ demonstrates that: eastern scales, doomy psych, bubbling energy. This year’s brilliant album Dark Matter/Dark Energy does all of that and more. Age doesn’t equate to a lack of ideas and energy, it provides scope and discipline. Which is exactly what you want from a band.

Date/ Time: Frida 18th December/7.30 pm

Price: £12.00

brighton gigs december 2015Bloom/ Nice Guys of Ok Cupid/ Grasshopper @ Hope and Ruin (Benefit for Hummingbird Project)

Were you at Bloom’s triumphant debut show at The Price Albert in August? If so, you’ve probably already bought a ticket. Formerly known as The Beautiful Word, the band used a year out, whilst co-vocalist Megan had a cyst removed from her throat, to reinvent themselves from folk to experimental pop. As likely to remind you of Depeche Mode as they are Dirty Projectors, there’s really no one else in Brighton who sounds quite like them. Opening the show are ultra-precocious post-punks Grasshopper. Nice Guys of OK Cupid make up the filing in this enticing sandwich.

Date/ Time: Sun 20 December/7.30 pm

Price: £4 adv


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