Top 10 Brighton Gigs February 2016

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Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made the impossible task of choosing gigs in Brighton a bit easier for our readers by picking their 10 best Brighton gigs February 2016!

Brighton gigs February 2016Brighton Noise Presents DAY III @ Green Door Store

Our third all-dayer, hosted at The Green Door Store has arguably the strongest line up we’ve had to date. The Fiction Aisle is the 10-piece lounge pop band of ex Electric Soft Parade main man Tom White, CloWwns’s arty post-punk won many fans last year including The Quietus and Gideon Coe, Inwards is Brighton’s answer to Aphex Twin, Soft Walls psychedelic krautrock is always a force live, whilst Lutine features some of Brighton’s strongest vocal harmonies.

The remainder of the bill is stuffed full of acts that we guarantee will be better known this time next year. You can’t really go wrong for £5.

Date/ Time: Sat 6 February/ 2.00pm
Price: £5.00 adv

Brighton gigs February 2016Splitting the Atom @ Green Door Store

Ok, so we have featured Splitting the Atom before. We are going to do it again anyway. You know why? Because it’s great. Eight hours of free mental noise/avant/jazz/minimal/whatever.

One of the great things about StA is that at least a third of the bands have formed for the event so you know it’s new and exciting. The rest are the cream of local reprobates. A cursory look reveals Occult Hand are playing. A band even more frightening than their name suggests. As are Thee Bald Knobbers. A band so anonymous they get strangers on stage to fill the numbers.

Date / Time: 7th Feb / 3:00pm
Price: Free

Brighton gigs February 2016Molly Nilsson/ Keel Her @ Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar

For some artists the DIY, bedroom pop stage, is a rite of passage, something to be overcome on the way to greater glories. However, for Swedish chanteuse Molly Nillson it appears to be an aesthetic choice. She records alone, releases on her own record label and stars in her own videos. You get the idea.

She has quietly built a significant global following, through her gloomy, melodic, art-pop. Her career received a major boost when John Maus recorded a cover of her delightful track ‘Hey Moon’ for one of the most lauded albums of 2011, ‘We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves.’

Date/ Time: Tues 9 February/ 8.00pm
Price: £7.00 adv

Brighton gigs February 2016TST.X.2 2016 @ Green Door Store

In which local promoters Tatty Seaside Town celebrate ten years of bringing us the best in local, national and international underground sounds by having a two day shindig at The Green Door Store overflowing with exciting action. Local talent is represented by local punk/kraut/riot-grrl sensations Slum of Legs and the blues/drone/grunge of Sweet Williams amongst others.

Nationally recognised acts come in the form of Peel approved psych-rock nutcases Terminal Cheesecake, the Quietus endorsed sax attack noise rock of Sex Swing, the ridiculously danceable punk funk of Fish Police and the Melvins-tastic sludge of Hey Colussus side-project Henry Blacker.

Date/ Time: Sat 20 Feb & Sun 21 Feb/ 1.00pm
Price: £15.00 adv

Brighton gigs February 2016Steve Mason @ Concorde 2

Was everyone aware that the ex-Beta Band and King Biscuit Time vocalist/guitarist/songwriter and bona-fide cult legend Steve Mason has been a Brighton resident for the last 18 months? Apparently, it’s done him some good, with the press release to his new album talking about ‘a sense of renewal.’

We hope there hasn’t been too much change to the music though, as there’s no other British artist with his profile at the moment that combines accessible song-writing, across numerous genre touch stones. Lyrically he’s as comfortable emoting on ‘Man In Love’ as he is opposing the system on ‘Fight Them Back,’ which was written in the aftermath of the London riots.

Date/ Time: Thursday 11 February/ 7.30pm
Price: £16.00 adv

Brighton gigs February 2016Flowers @ Prince Albert

You certainly can’t imagine a better name for the headliner than Flowers. Colourful, pretty and delicate, well, delicate-ish. The London trio know their way around a fragile melody or sparse arrangement.

Flowers are too obtuse for the mainstream but that’s fine, they are better right-up-close. Somewhat brilliantly the other bands on the bill are Garden Centre, the new band from local screaming indie rock types King of Cats, and “one of the best bands in Brighton” Bloom. That quote is one of our own so you can trust us! A full spring of an evening no less!

Date/Time: Wed 17th Feb 
Price: £5.50

Brighton gigs February 2016Skinny Girl Diet @ Prince Albert

The last time this writer saw Skinny Girl Diet was in 2012. They had to be snuck in as they were so underage. They were properly brilliant: all spiky guitars (both figuratively and literally), deadly stares, and spilling over with nihilism. They radiated greatness and well, in 2016 they still do. Only now they have the skills to back them up.

In fact, why aren’t they famous yet? Not posh enough probably. Support from London indiepop trio Molar and Brighton domesticore punk sensation Mortgage, who brought out a marvellously named and marvellously sounding EP Really Shitty Recordings late last year.

Date / Time: Fri 19th Feb
Price: £ 7.70

Brighton gigs February 2016Soul ll Soul @ The Dome

Among the great canonical sounds of the early-nineties, buzzing away with the Green Hill Zone theme, On a Ragga Tip, and Jurassic stomps was Back to Life. High calibre urban UK pop that is as classy as it is street (sorry for ‘classy’ or ‘street’) a bit dance, a bit soul, a bit hard to pin down, but that’s what makes the band so special. Amazing fact:  main Soul II Soul member Jazzie B actually has an OBE. So they are actually playing by royal appointment, we think… Which makes a change from the usual drug-filled reprobates we recommend in this column.

Date/Time: Sun 21st Feb 
Price: £24.75

Brighton gigs February 2016Consumer Electronics @ The Albert

This one will not be for the faint hearted. If you are easily offended by harsh noise or bad language, best to move on. Still here, good, let’s get on with it. Phillip Best has been involved with the creation of some of the most extreme music on the planet, pioneering power electronics and noise both solo as Consumer Electronics and in tandem with William Bennett in the legendary group Whitehouse. In keeping with his move to Diagonal records, his recent work combines techno and noise with Best’s misanthropic observations on modern British life. Sort of like an anti-Parklife.

Date/ Time: Friday 26 February/ 7.00pm
Price: £7.00 adv

Brighton gigs February 2016Opium Lord @ The Hope and Ruin

In complete contrast to the floral theme above is the somewhat doom oriented metal of Opium Lord. Bit of black, bit of doom, all of fucking metal. We’re not condoning taking opium… but if you must, here would be the place and time. There is loads more horrible shit going on too.

Support comes from the equally threateningly named Monolithian, who are (metal cliché #273) Tolkien themed doom; the truly heavy-as-fuck endless riffers Torpor and local sludgy noise scumbags Pascagoula. We can’t sell this enough. Loads of horrible amazing metal for a fiver. A fiver! Why wouldn’t you come?

Date/Time: 27th Feb 7:00pm
Price: £5

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