Top 10 Brighton Gigs May 2016

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Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made the impossible task of choosing gigs in Brighton a bit easier for our readers by picking their 10 best Brighton gigs May 2016!

This Town Needs Guns @ The HauntBrighton Gigs May 2016

Remember math-rock? A divisive genre if there ever was one. To the uninitiated it’s bits of indie, any genre with ‘post’ in front of it, ‘tasteful’ noodling and expert musicianship. It has the capacity to be fucking awful, or absolutely beautiful. The latter is where This Town Needs Guns comes in.

Never the superstars they ought to have been, they have a fanbase that would take a bullet for them nonetheless. The disappeared for a while but are in full throttle now touring and playing the festival circuit. Lets hope they avoided All Tomorrows Parties. Support from Tangled Hair and Delta Sleep.

Date/ Time: 2nd may
Price: £11.00

Brighton Gigs May 2016Melt Yourself Down@ The Haunt

It’s been getting on for three years since Brighton had the pleasure of hosting the multi-sax attack of Melt Yourself Down, their last show in the city being a up close and personal, sweaty affair at The Komedia Studio that has lived long in this writer’s memory.

You’ll know them from the track ‘Fix My Life,’ which was ubiquitous a few years ago thanks to its use in an advert for something clearly a lot less memorable than the song. The band’s current/ previous project list is mouth-watering, including Polar Bear, Zun Zun Egui and Acoustic Ladyland and plenty else besides. Dancing shoes recommended.

Date/ Time: Saturday 7th May/ 7.00pm
Price: £10.00 (adv)

Brighton Gigs May 2016Tindersticks@ The Dome

Perhaps somewhat unfairly written off in some quarters as Britain’s answer to The Bad Seeds (though we suppose any allusion to the Nick Cave vehicle is highly complementary,) Tindersticks have quite rightly come to be regarded as national treasures in an indie scene that has weathered trend after trend since the Nottingham band formed in 1992.

They’ve crafted 11 albums of gorgeous, intimate, the most recent of which ‘The Waiting Room’ will be played in its entirely alongside films made specifically to accompany the new music. We hope they’ll be a bit of time left for a rummage through their impressive back catalogue as well.

Date/ Time: Sunday 8th May/ 8.30pm
Price: £20.00

Brighton Gigs May 2016Grandmaster Flash @ Concorde 2

And this month’s entry in the ‘heritage hip-hop at Concorde 2 season’ is… Grandmaster Flash! We’re only kidding, we love old-skool hip-hop. Flash can legitimately claim to have been there from the very beginning.

A true New Yorker who has seen hip-hop develop from house parties to the global phenomena it is today. Not one to rest on his laurels though Flash has a massive discography under his belt. Although he may slip White Lines and The Message in! Support from Blackbeltjonez of the esteemed Strictly Business Radio. One for the proper vinyl heads – IE Brighton residents.

Date/ Time: Sat 14th May
Price: £22.00

Brighton Gigs May 2016Hookworms @ Westhill Hall (Escape from The Great Escape All-Dayer)

Sadly, after ten years, we finally bail out of the increasingly homogenous, corporate and expensive main program of The Great Escape. The decision undoubtedly aided by the increasing brilliance of the Alternative Escape program, featuring the cream of Brighton’s talent alongside highlights from the festival.

Local promoter (and scourge of Pontins) Dictionary Pudding have teamed up with our favourite Brighton label Faux Discx to bring you a ridiculously strong all-dayer on the Saturday featuring a UK exclusive performance from fast-rising Leeds psych-rock types Hookworms and the hottest local guitar outfit Sweet Williams. It’s BYOB so if you drink enough they are effectively paying you to go.

Date/ Time: Saturday 21st May/ 4.30pm
Price: £12.00

Brighton Gigs May 2016Sly & The Family Drone @ The Hope & Ruin

Undoubtedly, the single best gig this writer has been to in their 500+ shows seen in Brighton was Sly & The Family Drone in 2014. Genuinely not exaggerating. Just sheer exuberant joy throughout. About as up close and personal as a band gets – they play in the middle of the floor!

Imagine the most fun day you ever had at school (yes, there will have been some) but with huge crazy amounts of drums, the biggest synths imaginable, and booze. It’s like that, but without the arseholes and no one to tell you what to do. Amazing.

Date/ Time: Sun 22nd May/ 8.00pm 
Price: £6.50

Brighton Gigs May 2016White Lung @ Green Door Store

White Lung are the real deal. Equal parts snarling garage rawk, snobbish punk and riot grrrl malice. They bring the best bits from the seventies and nineties and blast them forward in time to now.

A proper fully-functional unit, everyone is taught and the results are both intimidating and addictive. And although it’s not necessarily important when you are a frontwoman… is very very funny. Definitely NOT someone to heckle! Their new album ‘Paradise’ comes out next month and sounds more than up to scratch. The tracks on bandcamp sound even catchier than before. Support still tba, boo!

Date/ Time: Tue 24th May
Price: £8.00

Brighton Gigs May 2016Marissa Nadler@ Prince Albert

We can’t believe that recent Wire cover star Marissa Nadler is really going to play The Albert. Either a) people are stupid, b) it’s going to be very busy OR c) Melting Vinyl have some outrageous blackmail material available.

An accomplished guitar player, with a unorthodox self-taught technique, her experimental credentials are bolstered by having collaborated with artists as varied as indie-pop 2015 hunk of choice Father John Misty and acclaimed US Black Metal mainstay Xasthur. If the lead track from her new album ‘Strangers’ is anything to go by she’s added chamber-pop to her previous ventures in minimal folk, dream pop and ambient.

Date/ Time: Tuesday 24th May/ 8.00pm
Price: £10.00

Brighton Gigs May 2016Mortiis @ Haunt

This is interesting. In fact, we have exactly no idea how the hell to deal with this. Mortiis is playing. In 2016??? Mortiis has had, even by normal Scandinavian metal measures, an unusual career.

He started off in the relatively well behaved second wave black metal band Emperor (few church burnings, no murders) before becoming a troll and dedicating his life to dark ambient music. Yes, a troll, make of that what you will. We aren’t going to explain what dark ambient music is but you may have a guess. Support from Maidstone industrial metallers Spawn of Psychosis.

Date/ Time: Fri 27th May
Price: £15.40

Brighton Gigs May 2016Follakzoid @BLEACH (The Chills, Downtown Boys)

Whilst fans of the New Zealand cult indie legends The Chills may have me run out of town (they play The Westhill Hall on the same evening and mighty fine they will be too), our eyes are fixed solely on the return of Chilean kraut/psych-rock outfit Follakzoid, who subtlety reinvented themselves last year on career highlight ‘III.’

Gone were the free, wheeling Wooden Shijps esque, dope-smoking jams of earlier records in favour of a forensically streamlined skeletal krautrock, incorporating subtle variations on a minimal techno fetish for repetition. Their turn at The Joker last year was one of the gigs of the year.

Date/ Time: Saturday 28th May
Price: £12.00


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