Top 10 Brighton Gigs October 2016

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Gig gurus Brighton Noise have made the impossible task of choosing gigs in Brighton a bit easier for our readers by picking their 10 best Brighton gigs October 2016!

Brighton gigs October 2016Orange Goblin @ The Haunt

If there is one thing Britain is very good at it’s creating great institutions of metal, from Sabbath and Maiden to Napalm Death and even Cradle of Filth.

Well… in a fair and just world Orange Goblin should be considered as such too. They have played every rock toilet in the world and have road-worn skills from before the internet age. Support from the London doom machine Poseidon, and best of all local mental scumbags Sea Bastard are opening, who are becoming an institution in their own right and are worth the ticket fare alone!

Date/ Time: Tuesday 4 October/7.30 p.m
Price: £16.50 adv

Brighton gigs October 2016Mykki Blanco @ Patterns

I suppose ‘daring’ would be the best description for Mykki Blanco. Hip-hop can be a highly conservative place and Blanco’s aggressive LGBT agenda stands might mean a bit of trouble.

Luckily Blanco has the talent, tunes, and the truly couldn’t give a fuck attitude to carry it off. Blanco is as much a performance artist and general provocateur as much as a musician. New album Mykki is a belter and easily up there with this year’s best urban albums, and perhaps, a bit more daring and original too. An angry frustrated journey that’s as mysterious as it is compelling.

Date/ Time: Tuesday 4 October/ 7.30 p.m
Price: £9.90 adv

Brighton gigs October 2016Bloom ‘What Is Life’ Album Launch @ Latest Music Bar

It’s been around two years since Megan’s vocal cyst, followed by a year’s worth of non-singing recovery brought a natural conclusion to playful local folk-rockers ‘The Beautiful Word.’ Bloom were birthed from the ashes of that project and a subtle change of focus saw them remove the folk prefix and replace it with art, whilst in no way removing the sense of wonder and fun integral to their music.

Just over a year on from their debut live performance, this show is to celebrate the release of their debut album, ‘What Is Life?’ Support is from psych-popsters Fukashima Dolphin and electro party starters Motherbox. DJ’s til 2 will complete the party.

Date/ Time: Friday 7 October/ 7.30 p.m
Price: Free to donors to the Bloom Kickstarter / £4 adv

Brighton gigs October 2016Stars of The Lid @ St Mary’s Church

There’s an argument for Stars of The Lid being one of the more influential bands of the post-rock era. Throughout the 90’s they released gorgeous ambient excursions on Kranky Records (laterally celebrated for Deerhunter, Grouper & Tim Hecker) that were obviously influential on the late 00’s rebirth of ambient music through Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never.

Brighton performances from the Texan duo are a rare as hen’s teeth; their name gives a wonderful insight into what to expect live, it being a reference to ‘your own personal cinema, between your eye and eyelid.’ One to lose yourself to.

Date/Time: Monday 10 October / 7.00p.m
Price: £18.00 adv

Brighton gigs October 2016The Duke Spirit @ Patterns

One of the UK’s best kept secrets we reckon. In fact, 2011’s Bruiser was one of the year’s highlights. This year’s Kins is perhaps even better. Think high-brow indie rock with massive swooping choruses and some truly gorgeous vocals courtesy of frontwoman Liela Moss.

They veer from stomping stadium-sized rock to vulnerable piano-led moments, to bolshie almost-Motown diverted soul. Quick question, why aren’t the Londoners famous already? They also have Rich from local rock drunkards Bad For Lazarus on bass now so you have no excuse.

Date/Time: Monday 10 October / 7.00 p.m
Price: £13.75 adv

Brighton gigs October 2016Angel Olsen @ Concorde 2

Ambition is generally the difference between an artist content to be a cult concern and one that reaches toward more mainstream acceptance. It is also the graveyard of many an act’s artistic integrity. Angel Olsen’s career progressed steadily to 2014’s critically acclaimed folk-rock highlight of the year ‘Burn Your Fire For No Witness,’ a showcase for her burgeoning talent that featured on many end of year lists.

Aware that she was being pigeonholed as a folkster to the extent that she started refusing any photo shoot involving trees, her new record ‘My Woman’ encompasses synth-pop, glam and a Fleetwood Mac – esque pop-rock sensibility in a successful reach for a more mainstream audience.

Date/Time: Thursday 13 October / 7.00 p.m
Price: £12.00

Brighton gigs October 2016Holy Fuck @ The Haunt

From the band that had no choice but to be called Holy Fuck. Their gigs are something of an urban legend. Fully immersive transcendental experiences for only those with a head in need of proper rewiring.

It’s electronica but played live, properly. A constant pulse that’s as innovative as it is familiar, if that’s possible? They manage it somehow. The fantastically deranged psych/electro onslaught Congrats has been one of the most played albums of the year round these parts. The band veer into almost industrial territory with more movements and drama than an opera. Not for the faint hearted.

Date/Time: Friday 14 October / 7.00 p.m
Price: £13.20

Brighton gigs October 2016OXJAM: Brighton Noise Presents Electroish Showcase @ The Joker

Before we hog the whole limelight, Oxjam as a whole is a city-wide venue to venue festival (think a smaller Great Escape), which sees a variety of local promoters taking over 10 city centre spots for their own bill of largely local talent with the proceeds going to Oxfam.

For the second year in a row we’re holed up at The Joker on London Road and are promoting a bill rammed full of local electronic talent. Techno demon Drill Folly, Aphex Twin-esque Inwards and perennially our favourite local act Merlin Tonto head up affairs whilst perhaps our greatest coup is Tony Njoku who recently opened the main stage at Green Man Festival.

Date/ Time: Saturday 15 October / 3.00 p.m – 2.00 a.m.
Price: £9.00 adv (Includes entry to 10 Venues)

Brighton gigs October 2016John Carpenter @ The Dome

If we are being fair, John Carpenter’s days of making incredible films are perhaps in the past. However, Carpenter the musician and composer has had a renaissance of late.

All thanks to the great vinyl rebirth, the current obsession with analogue synths, the standard thirty year revival of things, and just a general sense of good taste has brought Carpenter’s excellent self-penned soundtracks to a wider audience. This is an incredible opportunity to get face to face with the old master himself. A cursory look at the tour setlists reveals a rogues gallery of some of the greatest cult movies ever made. History in the making.

Date/ Time: Thursday 20 October / 7.00 p.m
Price: £35.75 adv

Brighton gigs October 2016Fvnerals/ Dystopian Future Movies @ The Albert

Before their permanent move away from Brighton, we remember being madly impressed with Fvnerals supporting Mugstar at Sticky Mike’s Bar two and a half years ago.

They reminded us of another intense, dynamic, female fronted Brighton band, Esben and The Witch, all sinister, brooding and stuffed full of tunes. They make their first return to Brighton since moving to Glasgow, in support of their forthcoming album ‘Wounds.’ They bring Nottingham buddies Dystopian Future Movies on tour with them, a faster, perhaps noisier affair, who bring to mind all moods of Sonic Youth.

Local support from Jungfrau & T House (Sweet Williams.)

Date/ Time: Thursday 27 October / 8.00 p.m
Price: £5.00 adv

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