Top 10 Brighton Gigs November 2015

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As usual Brighton is full of great live music this November across a wide range of genres including Pop, Indiepop, Techno, Mathcorecontemporary Nordic Folk and Rock.  Here is our top 10!

Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi @ Green Door Store

The Peter Pans of mathcore. But they’re not really mathcore, and does that term even mean anything in 2015? The problem with Rolo Tomassi is that no one has any idea what to do with them. Fierce yet proggy, animalistic but intelligent, brash and stylish, it’s a wonder that they have got so far. The reason quite simply is that they are stunningly good. They don’t need to show off, their cleverness just shows through. They may have physically stopped aging but their music is becoming ever so refined and collected. Check out their new album Grievances, it’s smashing!

Date: Fri Nov 16th

Price: £ 5.50


A portrait of Manchester musician Mark E Smith of The Fall, Salford, Manchester, 18th March 2011. (Photo by Kevin Cummins/Getty Images)

A portrait of Manchester musician Mark E Smith of The Fall, Salford, Manchester, 18th March 2011. (Photo by Kevin Cummins/Getty Images)

The Fall Thu @ Concorde 

What more needs said about The Fall? If you have half an inclination about music in any way you’ll already know them. Stupidly prolific, studiously vitriolic, snidely ambivalent. You what? Too bloody right. There is a dire lack of sneering philosophers who talk like they mean it and inject intellect into their songs. The world is a torrid mess. What are you going to do about it? Probably nothing, but you should at least go and get some Fall shaped education in your life anyway. Only then will you have the tools to deal with this society.

Date: Thu Nov 12th

Price: £24.20

Spok School

Spook School @ Joker   

The finest indiepop band out of Scotland since, well, a long time. And since you could argue that indiepop was invented in the central belt of Scotland that is quite an accolade. There is something immediately likable about The Spook School. The incredibly honest and affable lyrics and the charmingly nervous energy for starters, but there is an absurdist maturity to the lyrics that belies their meagre years. They absolutely won at the Worms all-dayer at Green Door Store in 2014 and they will tear the place up again! Support from Slum of Legs, Daskinsey4, and Totem Terrors.

Date: Fri Nov 20th

Price: £6

Stay Beautiful

Stay Beautiful @ Sticky Mike’s  

One of the deservedly longest running clubs in Brighton. Every club strives to have energy and Stay Beautiful does that so effortlessly, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms. Difficult to conclusively pin-down the music policy but ‘art school and eyeliner’ might do the trick. From glam and synthpop to britpop and all things androgynous in between. Not that they wouldn’t drop in some cock rock of naughties pop for good measure. What makes SB work is that people really put the effort in. There’s free booze for the over-dressed and some stunning opportunities for a walk of shame. Which is what you want!

Date: Sat Nov 7th

Price: £5

Black-Honey 1

Black Honey @ The Hope and Ruin

Without wishing to be a bunch of nerdy ‘told you so’s,’ we had Black Honey down as ‘the most likely to do a Royal Blood.’ in our new band tips of the year. Whilst their development may have been a little more organic, they have made great strides from unknowns to playing Reading Festival, NME features and now headlining The Hope and Ruin. Deservedly so, their songs have an easy to like predilection for 60’s psych, 90’s US Indie and shoegaze that should appeal to fans of acts as diverse as My Bloody Valentine and Courtney Barnett. You’ll kick yourself if you miss them in venues of this size.

Date/ Time: Thu 5th Nov / 8.00p.m

Price: £5

Julia Holter 1

Julia Holter @ Komedia (Big Room)

Perhaps it’s jumping the gun to consider this only marginally past the half way mark, but it’s hard to see many better shouts than Julia Holter for the artist of the decade. She slowly gathered attention in the US underground with 2011’s impressive if a little primitive Tragedy, and 2012’s Ektasis which cleverly improved upon the debut’s prior bedroom pop/classical tendencies but it was 2013’s Loud City Song that won global acclaim. Returning with the even better ‘Have You In My Wilderness,’ her previous visit to Brighton in 2013 still inspires gushing reports from this writer. It’s only a matter of time until the mainstream wakes up to her immense talent.

Date/ Time: Mon 9th Nov / 7.00p.m

Price: £12.50


Hypnotized/ Kemper Norton/ Inwards @ The Joker

If there’s a local outifit there is agreement about here at Brighton Noise, it’s the enveloping electro-psych of Hypnotized. They are the sort of band it is easy to become obsessed by. If earlier efforts were perhaps in thrall to that American neo-psych sound of Gang Gang Dance and Animal Collective, their progression has been a joy to behold. They are as likely now to remind you of Boards of Canada as they are Fuck Buttons and it’s clear to see that their love of music drives them to constantly evolve. Their world is one of light, good vibes and great tunes. Get on board.

Date/ Time: Tues 10th Nov / 8.00p.m

Price: £5

Ingrid 1

Ingrid Plum @ St Andrews Church

Ingrid Plum is a conceptual artist, a sound artist and vocal instrumentalist. She uses her voice with extended technique, improvisation, field recordings and electronics, to create layered soundscapes, spoken word and songs. Having performed and exhibited installation sound and visual art since 2002, she creates work that sits between sound art, improvisation, multi-media installation, neo-classical and contemporary Nordic folk music.

The intimacy Plum creates in her recordings and live performance has the honesty of a confessional with the sonic scope of the forests and open coastlines of her native Denmark, that inspire much of her music. With installations that create meditative, sensory stimulative environments and performing stripped back, minimal gigs, she entices you into her hushed world.

Date/ Time: Sun 15th Nov / 8.00p.m

Price: Free/ Donations

Teeth of The Sea 1

Teeth of The Sea @ Green Door Store

Teeth of The Sea are already legendary round these parts, if you speak to the right people. The London 4-piece’s visits have been frequent and awe inspiring, throughout their soon to be four album career which has seen them gradually migrate from the late period Talk Talk isms of ‘Orphaned By The Ocean’ to the Godspeed play future kraut of ‘Your Mercury,’ to the simultaneously minimal and maximal techno  of 2013’s ‘Master.’ Visually arresting and thoroughly unique, their soon to be released  ‘Highly Deadly Black Tarantula’ name checks Aphex Twin, Angelo Badalamenti, Throbbing Gristle, Chicago footwork and black metal as influence. 

Date/ Time: Tues 17th November / 8.00p.m

Price: £7.50

mutations 1

Mutations Festival @ Various Venues

Nice to see One Inch Badge following Drill last year, with another very serious looking music festival, designed to appeal to a very different crowd from their Together The People shindig.  With further announcements to come, the bill is already wide ranging. Noise rock form Metz and Lightning Bolt, differerent shades of electro from John Talabot and Blanck Mass, singer/songwritery gear from Josh T Pearson and Neko Case, doom metal from Om and Sea Bastard, kraut from Merlin Tonto and Jane Weaver as well as an excellent selection of new kids on the block such as Vision Fortune, Ought and Kagoule. 

Date/ Time: Sun 29th – Mon 30th Nov / 8.00p.m

Price: £60.50

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