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Published On November 22, 2013 | By We Love Brighton | Theatre & Arts Features

Jack Bond is a British film producer and director widely known for his 1965 documentary ‘Dali in New York’ and his work for The South Bank Show. We spoke to him on his recent documentary film following iconic 80’s star Adam Ant in ‘The Blueback Hussar’.


How did the film come about? Was this something you had been planning or was it a more recent discovery?

My co-producer, Mary-Rose Storey, had seen Adam Ant play at the Union Chapel in Islington in 2010 and thought his performance was amazing. She suggested I made a film about him and a meeting was set up.

Adam Ant disappeared off the music scene for almost 15 years. You speak of his return as a ‘return from exile’ rather than a comeback, why is this?

Because his absence was not by choice but was forced upon him by circumstances beyond his control when, after mental health problems, he was forcibly sedated and sectioned.

It’s been said the film has steered away from a traditional biographical documentary style of filming, what made you decide to do this?

Jack Bond

Because it’s the only way I know – I can’t shoot ‘talking heads’, they send me to sleep.

What does the film primarily focus on?

Adam himself or at least the man as I found him.

Are there any personal highlights you have had whilst making the film?

When shooting film, for me at least, every day is a highlight. I’m happiest when shooting. Great to shoot in Paris and work with Charlotte Rampling again.

What has it been like to follow Adam so closely?

Like being on a rollercoaster. Take your ticket to ride, if you dare!

Were there any difficulties you came across during the production of the film?

Money, as usual. It is the bane of every filmmaker’s life.

Can we make any comparisons between ‘The Blueblack Hussar’ and your 1965 documentary ‘Dali in New York’?

Very similar style. Watch, wait and let it all hang out.

What reception do you expect to receive from the public on ‘The Blueblack Hussar’ and Adam Ant’s return?


Enjoyment, entertainment, interest, surprise – all these things I can only hope for.

‘The Blueblack Hussar’ plays on Sat 23rd November at 3.30pm at The Basement as part of Cinecity Film Festival 2013- More info here.


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