Dead Wax Social Brighton

Published On May 26, 2015 | By We Love Brighton | New Places


NAME: Dead Wax Social Brighton
IT’S: A new Brighton bar for lovers of vinyl, craft beer and pizza!
those of us that are done with the digital. 

OPENED: Thursday 4th June 2015
OPENING TIMES: Sun-Weds, 12pm-2am; Thurs-Sat, 12pm-3am

DID YOU KNOW: No digital music will be played, no CDs, just vinyl
LOCATION: In the eclectic North Laine, a 10 minute walk from Brighton Station
ADDRESS: 18a Bond St, Brighton, BN1 1RD

Named after the run-out groove of a record, Dead Wax Social Brighton, in the heart of the eclectic North Laine, brings a new bar to the City for those of us that are done with digital!

To those people who thought Vinyl was done, you were wrong! Vinyl is on the rise with sales hitting an 18 year high in 2014 and only looking to grow in coming years. As if to echo the growing love for that magical music making black plastic and all things scratchy, Dead Wax Social comes to the North Laine this June where no digital music will be played, no CDs, no exceptions!

The ethos behind Dead Wax Social is a longing to do things in the real world as opposed to spending all our time with our head in our lap tops and to create a place with crafted items and people at it’s core.

The bar aims to be the new community hub for those that work in Brighton’s vibrant music industry as well as anyone that loves music, both echoing and strengthening the role their beloved record shops have provided over the years. Dead Wax wants to create a space where people can share their favourite records whether it’s from a local DJ’s favourite record collection or from customers bringing their latest purchases in to preview straight from Brighton’s famous record shops. There will also be an Album Club with records chosen from local musicians, as well as lots of fun events including record fairs, launches and label birthday parties.

When it comes to the interior of the new bar, the theme of vinyl continues with a mural dedicated to 70 of Dead Wax Social’s favourite Brighton record labels and shops covering the walls, alongside 7” vinyl art from Daniel Tolhurst.

Although there’s a heavy focus on music, food and drink doesn’t fall by the wayside with eight craft beers available on the taps at any one time, from the very best breweries including Fourpure, Magic Rock, Laine’s and Redchurch, some of which will be so limited edition that when it’s gone it’s gone! All of the beers will be available in 1/3 pints, 2/3 pints (schooners) and the usual pints and halves. Food wise expect delicious artisan pizzas on 7” and 12” sourdough bases.

So say ‘viva vinyl!’ and visit Dead Wax Social Brighton for super sounds, banging beers and excellent eats!

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