Lady Chastity’s Reserve – Brighton’s Most Unusual Night Out

Published On September 29, 2015 | By We Love Brighton | New Places


NAME: Lady Chastity’s Reserve
IT’S: Based in a secret room in the Black Lion pub, this new immersive team game is a dark and comedic take on the ‘Escape room’ craze sweeping across the UK
OPENED: Wednesday 30th September 2015
DID YOU KNOW: The winning team will get some of Lady Chastity’s fabled aphrodisiac wine
LOCATION: The Black Lion Pub in the Lanes, a stones throw from the sea
ADDRESS: 14 Black Lion Street, BN1 1ND

With the excitement and challenge of the recent ‘Escape Room’ craze sweeping across the UK, Handmade Mysteries present Lady Chastity’s Reserve, a brand new experience for anyone looking for an unusual night out in Brighton. 

An interactive team game based on a dark and comedic tale, this adventurous undertaking is the first of its kind, combining the immersive theatre of Punch Drunk and Secret Cinema productions, with the excitement and challenge of the recent ‘Escape the Room’.

It’s an immersive experience that challenges you and your friends with a hilarious hour of solving clues to unravel the sticky story of Lady Chastity. Making a move down from London, this bold new game takes place in the depths of England’s finest drinking establishments which is why we’re so glad the Lanes‘ very own enchanting Black Lion pub will be hosting the game over the coming months. Each game is hosted by beguiling and entertaining characters telling a tale which leads players through the game with minimum interruption from those niggling responsibilities the real world has to offer. More ‘escapism room’ than ‘escape room’, expect these games to be springing up all over the country shortly.

Prepare to have your wits tested through twisted tales riddled with lateral thinking clues and challenging new inventions. You can escape through the exit anytime you want, with the prize in your hands, or just your head.

Handmade Mysteries specialise in experiential games that bring people together through challenges soaked in mystery and adventure. With an emphasis on shared experiences, the goal is to create fun through involvement and cooperation. If you’re really into it and want more madcap thrills, games can be customised for couples or large parties.

Lady Chastity’s Reserve offers an hour of immersive fun for teams of 2-6 players aged 18 and over. It is featuring at the Black Lion pub for a limited period, so book your game now at to avoid disappointment.

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