Rave your way into the day with Morning Clubbing

Published On June 18, 2014 | By Celia Mullins | Only in Brighton!

Morning Clubbing comes to Shoosh with Morning Glory Ville

Do you like to get your clubbing out of the way first thing? After astounding success in the last year in London, Morning Glory Ville comes to Shoosh with an immersive morning dance experience.

Nothing wakes you up more than a soul- shaking dance, electrifying music and, for those who need it a mind blowing double espresso. On arrival you will be greeted by ‘The Children of the Morning’ (your very own ‘Wake-up Angels’). Do you need a coffee or a smoothie? Do you need a back rub or your head in a basin of icy water?

There will be yoga workshops hosted by Nine Lives Yoga including Yoga Rave, Laughing Dancing Meditation, Unity Partner and Community Yoga andTherapeutic Flying Circle. There will also be a free wake-up massage station, a superfood smoothie bar, a coffee kiosk, a motivating dance team

and of course most importantly A GLITTER-FILLED DANCE FLOOR!

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