Meat Liquor goes Veggie! Review

Published On February 10, 2015 | By Chloe | Food & Drink Reviews

22 – 23 York Place

Visited February 2015

When meat liquor extended an invitation to sample their new vegetarian menu the irony was not lost. A restaurant with the word ‘MEAT’ stamped across its frontage has never screamed ‘veggie friendly’ but it was intriguing to discover how a venue which fames itself for serving up unashamedly greasy fair interprets vegetarian cuisine. Plus it’s a good thing to see any restaurant striving to improve their meat-free offering.

Meat Liquor

The interior of Meat Liquor is dark, loud and pretty surreal. Funfair mirrors line the corridor to the toilets, PVC-strip butchers’ curtains adorn the doorways and a giant light spelling out the word SIN beams down on diners making the atmosphere more like an adults-only club than your average burger joint.

The menu has been extended to include two vegetarian burgers including a halloumi and mushroom burger (which was generously filled and tasted great) and a less successful sweet potato and chickpea patty which lacked some structure and fell apart whilst trying to eat it. A nice addition to the burger offering would be some kind of soy burger which would offer more in the way of substance.

Meat Liquor

The Satan Fingers (made from seitan – a gluten based meat substitute) are tasty. Served with lashings of hot sauce and a seriously garlicky dip they are not for the faint hearted though. The only disappointing side was the fried pickles with blue cheese sauce which were verging on the side of too oily.

Meat Liquor

All that fried food is best washed down with one of Meat Liquors’ signature cocktails: The house Grog. This drink is very fruity, dangerously sippable and packs a rum punch so strong that a limit has supposedly been enforced of two per person (although we ordered three so apparently slipped through the grog net and can confirm the potency).

All in all the selection of veggie options is good and they fit in well with the overall menu -you don’t feel left out as a vegetarian diner eating something completely different. Whether you love or loath Meat Liquor as an overall experience -veggie or not – is most definitely a matter of personal opinion.

*Header image by The Gaztronome.

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