No chips please! Bill’s Brighton Review

Published On July 9, 2014 | By Helen Mary | Food & Drink Reviews

Helen Mary is on the hunt for great kids’ menus that buck the chicken nugget trend. She’ll be taking her children on a tour of Brighton’s eateries every month to find the best in kids cuisine. This month she tested the kid’s menu at Bill’s Brighton.

Bills Restaurant
The Depot , 100 North Rd

East Sussex, BN1 1YE 

Bill’s Restaurant is well known for its amazing breakfasts but I wanted to know how it fared when it comes to the kid’s menu.   It’s a very busy restaurant so I didn’t feel out of place with two little ones in tow.  The drinks came with lids and straws, something that always shows me that a restaurant is geared up for kids.  There are no toys or pictures to colour in but the kids were so busy looking around at all the interesting things hanging from the ceiling and on the walls, that they didn’t have time to get bored.

There are a lot of options on the menu, the usual fish fingers, sausages and hamburgers, but there are also a few more unusual choices.  We opted for hummus and pitta bread with cucumber and carrots, and chicken skewers with sultana, coriander and lemon couscous with pitta bread. Both meals got the double thumbs up from my four year old which is very high praise indeed.

I tried both meals and I would certainly be happy with either, as an adult.  The hummus was just right, it didn’t have an overpowering garlic flavour that can sometimes put the kids off and the cucumber and carrots were freshly cut.  The chicken was tender and full of flavour and the fact that it came on a skewer was one of the highlights for the children.  The couscous was delicately flavoured with just enough coriander and lemon and complimented the chicken perfectly.

All the kids’ main dishes come with ice cream as a dessert but when I informed a member of staff that my son was lactose intolerant they were happy to offer an alternative.  We went for blood orange sorbet, a grown up dessert that the kids loved as well.  Perhaps they could just add a few options like fruit and sorbet on to the kids menu rather than the standard ice cream.

I have absolutely no complaints about Bill’s Restaurant, the staff were really friendly and efficient and the food was of a high standard.  Most importantly, the kids loved the food and at £5.95 for the main with ice cream I think it is pretty good value for money.  I happened to notice the kids breakfast menu looked amazing with options starting from only £1.95, so I think we will be visiting for breakfast very soon.
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