Mechanical Memories Museum

Mechanical Memories Museum

Published On June 9, 2015 | By We Love Brighton | Hidden Gems

Mechanical Memories Museum
250c King Road Arches
Albion Beach

Visit the Mechanical Memories Museum on Brighton Seafront and go back in time to the age of donkey rides, Punch and Judy and novelty arcades machines.

Mechanical Memories is a ‘working museum’ of vintage coin-operated amusement machines representative of seaside amusement arcades of half a century ago. The museum features favourites such as ‘What the Butler Saw’, ‘The Laughing Sailor’, working models, puppet machines, skill games, fortune tellers, and the most popular arcade machines of all time – the allwins.

The machine in the museum all work as they were intended, on big old pre-decimal pennies. Older visitors love to see and use these old pennies again, and children are amazed at just how big they are! Old pennies to play the machines can be bought at the museum for a moderate price.

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